Electronic communication is essential for sharing clinic news and information with our patients. Our communication will be timely, appropriate and related to clinic business.


  • Will include current information
  • No offensive content or photos will be published
  • We will seek feedback from patients to improve the information available on the site

SMS: Not yet implemented

Email Communication:

  • Is restricted to within the clinic
  • Must not offend, intimidate, humiliate or bully another person
  • Must not be misleading, false or injure the reputation of another person
  • Should respect and maintain the privacy of patients
  • Must not bring the clinic into disrepute

Employees may face disciplinary action for sending inappropriate electronic communication or posting online content or comments that harass, offend, intimidate or humiliate another employee.

Under certain circumstances, cyber bullying (e.g. bullying that is carried out through an internet service such as email, discussion group, instant messaging or website) is a criminal offence that can be reported to the police.

In addition, employees who publish false or misleading comments about another person in the public domain (e.g. Facebook, YouTube or Twitter) may be liable for defamation.

Whether using Social Media for official use, or in a private capacity, staff must not do anything which could bring themselves or the Hindmarsh, Fitzroy & Hanson Medical Clinics into disrepute. The nature of social media increases the risk of reputational damage through private activities such as:

  • Posting images, information or links to images, persons or information
  • Disclosing one’s own and other’s personal information

Staff should avoid such activities in their private capacity whenever they expressly or impliedly reflect on the Hindmarsh & Hanson Medical Clinics or the work role of this office

All staff members are personally responsible for any content they post online using social media sites or electronic communications

Everyone at Hindmarsh, Fitzroy & Hanson Medical Clinics has an obligation to know and comply with this policy, as amended from time to time. Managers are responsible for ensuring all relevant staff members are informed of this policy.

Telephone Communication:

An incoming telephone call is the principle method for initial and subsequent communication by a patient and to other person(s) within this Practice. The telephone is recognised as a vital device for creating a positive and first impression response, express compassion, a confident approach and acting as a reassuring resource for our patients and non-patents.

Our aim is to facilitate optimal communication opportunities with our patients. General Practitioners and staff members are aware of alternative modes of communication used by patients with a disability of a language barrier.

Some patients may be anxious, are in pain or distracted by their own family members or concerned friend’s medical condition. Our staff members act to provide a professional and empathetic service whilst attempting to obtain adequate information from the patient or caller.

It is important for patients when telephoning our Practice their urgent needs are determined promptly. Staff should obtain adequate information from the patient to assess whether the call is an emergency before placing the call on hold. Staff members are trained and continue ongoing training as it is important to recognise urgent medical matters and the procedures for obtaining urgent medical attention. Reception staff members have been informed of when to put telephone calls through to the Doctor(s) for clarification.

The Doctor(s) determine if advice can be given on the phone or if an appointment is necessary, being mindful of clinical safety and patient confidentiality. Patients are advised if a fee will be incurred for phone advice. Non-medical staff members do not provide advice over the phone. Each Doctor has a preferred method in which calls are to be handled

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