Skin Cancer Checks & Treatments

With early detection, most skin conditions are entirely treatable.

All skin cancer checks and treatment appointments must be made by contacting our clinic on 8269 6000.

Skin Cancer Check

A full body skin check by a health professional can detect early signs of cancer for treatment.

Whether you’re concerned about the changes in a specific mole, or you have a history of skin cancer and require regular checks, Hindmarsh Bowden Health offer our patients the highest level of care.

With early detection, most skin conditions are entirely treatable. Our team of doctors can help you to track changes over time and by maintaining regular skin cancer checks, we can pick up on any changes sooner and treat them as soon as possible.

In recent years, significant advances have been made in cancer skin checks and treatments so by knowing your body and seeking help if you do notice any changes, you’ll be better placed to receive early treatment for a positive outcome.

Regular Skin Cancer Checks

Our medical team recommends a yearly skin examination to check moles, freckles, birthmarks or bumps.

During your examination, our doctors will check and note any new moles that may have developed since your last assessment and review any moles that may have been previously flagged for monitoring.

If any moles, freckles or birthmarks have cha

nged in nature recently, our doctors will provide their assessment and recommend any necessary treatment.

In conjunction with your annual examination, should you notice any of the following changes to your skin we recommend seeing your doctor immediately for assessment:

  • Size, shape or colour of a mole
  • Changes to the edges of the mole
  • Continued growth of a mole
  • The mole is multicoloured instead of a solid brown colour


Our GP’s are specially trained in the latest methods for the early detection of skin cancer and are equipped to offer advice and practical assistance to ensure that you receive the best and most appropriate treatment for any skin cancer that may be detected.

Appointments with our GP’s can be requested by booking online or call Hindmarsh Bowden Health today to schedule your skin check and assessment.

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