This Practice is bound by the Federal Privacy Act 1998 and National Privacy Principles. ‘Personal health information’ is a subset of personal information and can include any information collected to provide a health service.

This information includes medical details, family information, name, address, employment, demographic data, past medical and social history, current health issues, future medical care, Medicare number, account details and any health information such as a medical opinion about a person’s heath, disability or health status.

It includes the formal medical record, whether written or electronic, and information held or recorded on any other medium such as letters, faxes and information conveyed verbally.

For each patient, we have an individual electronic patient health record containing all clinical information held by our Practice relating to that patient. The Practice ensures the protection of all information contained therein. Our patient health records can be accessed by an appropriate team member when required.

Doctor’s and all other staff and contractors associated with the Practice have a responsibility to maintain the privacy of personal health information and related financial information. The privacy of this information is every patient’s right.

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